Digital Signage in Higher Education Network Operations (Suggested Resources)

My personal digital signage blog  (Mountain Mists)

This blog is a representation of the journey of our digital signage network over the years.  It also has topical information about specific technologies involved in digital signage and personal insights.  I lay no claim to having all the answers but I try to provide our personal experience to shed light on the unique vertical market of Higher Education deployments.  My past presentations at the Digital Signage Expo and UBTech Conferences can be found on the website.  If you suffer from insomnia my blog should offer a potential cure!

The West Virginia University Information Stations webpage for clients

This is our WVU InfoStations webpage for our university clients.  It lists requirements and examples of content design.

The Digital Signage Federation (DSF) website

I have been involved with the Digital Signage Federation for years and currently serve on their Board of Directors.  The DSF provides a shortcut to the resources you may need or to answer any question you might have regarding deployment of digital signage, content and network operations.  Widely known as one of the preeminent voices of the digital signage industry.  Very member oriented and wonderful people to work with!

The Digital Signage Federation Education & Certification webpage

Undoubtedly one of the quickest was to climb the learning curve in all things digital signage.  From newbie to seasoned veteran in digital signage this is a great place to learn.  I highly recommend the certification programs for anyone new to digital signage.

The Digital Signage Federation Board of Directors

The DSF Board is comprised of the “heavy hitters” in the digital signage industry and they bring a myriad of experiences to the DSF.  They represent knowledge from end-users, network operators, vendors and educators to the industry and advocate best practices for all.

The Digital Signage Federation In-Forum webpage

This is a GREAT resource anytime you are considering a Request For Proposal (RFP) and the DSF will assist you in your process!  It’s FREE!!!

The Digital Signage Federation Resources webpage

Excellent information on the various vertical markets within the digital signage industry!

The Digital Signage Expo  (DSE)

The world’s largest international trade show dedicated to digital signage, interactive technology, and Out-of-Home networks.  No doubt it is a MUST SEE conference in digital signage.  Our WVU digital signage team attends every year.  You can put your hands on the equipment, play with the software and speak to the vendors all in one place.  We do the vast majority of our research here every year and it saves us countless thousands of dollars every year.  Usually held each spring in sunny Las Vegas.  Great education sessions and several that pertain specifically to digital signage in Higher Education.  I often am a presenter at the DSE and speak to the Higher Ed groups.  If you are starting a new network, re-working an existing network or expanding a mature network… get there!

The Digital Signage Expo Advisory Board

This is another great group of players in the digital signage industry, solely focused on making the annual Digital Signage Expo the very best experience for all who attend.  I serve on the End-User Council and bring a focus and voice on digital signage in Higher Education venues.

Recommended Digital Signage Daily Reading Websites

These are websites I refer to every day surrounding digital signage.  Each one brings to light current technologies in digital signage, new products, new methodologies and even opinion!  Most have dedicated Higher Education sections.  I scan the list of articles and dig into the ones I need to use.

The Digital Signage Connection website

Digital Signage Today website

HigherEd TechDecisions website

The DailyDOOH website

The UBTech Conference


Yes, Twitter!  I follow daily tweets from people who provide insight, articles and knowledge about digital signage in a vast universe.  You don’t have to be a tweeter to benefit!  But feel free to join the conversation!

I can be found tweeting as @WVUSWG on the Twitter site…

Searching Twitter is a great idea to find information about what you are wanting to know!  It’s easy!  You can search Twitter using a person’s Twitter handle (i.e. @WVUSWG) or by hashtags such as:








Following specific people is also easy.  Often you will see other digital signage tweeters referenced in tweets and you can then follow who you want.  Also, most vendors have Twitter accounts and I follow some of them to stay up on technology in their realm.  You can follow your favorites or experts in digital signage tweeting such as some of the ones I follow daily:















The Digital Signage Expo also has a forum on LinkedIn that is very useful.




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Mountain Mists is an opportunity to develop some thought processes individually as I journey through this wonderful world; as someone who values highly effective management techniques and the art of leading teams; and through my association with West Virginia University as a professional technologist and network manager specializing in digital signage.
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