The Cost of Content (2013 Digital Signage Expo Las Vegas, NV)


Wednesday, February 27, 2013
4:00pm – 5:00pm


Vern Freedlander
Vice President of Production Services
X2O Media
David Fried
Director of Digital Solutions
Spencer Graham II
Manager of Operations, WVU Information Stations
West Virginia University


Jeremy Gavin
CEO & Head Content Chief

DSEG Renewal Credit: 1

The ‘Cost’ of Content: Planning, Implementing and Managing Your Content Strategy (Vern Freedlander & Spencer Graham)

Content is what ultimately makes or breaks a digital signage network, so the ‘cost’ of not adequately planning for it early on can be very steep. This presentation will help you plan and budget for effective content, including purchasing, internal production, as well as ongoing updates. This session will also explore the challenges of keeping content fresh and relevant, and offer successful strategies driven by business goals. From concept design and sourcing to rolling out the network and managing content, we’ll establish the importance of effective content for a network’s success.

In this session, you will …
1. Gain an understanding of the importance of content in any digital signage network
2. Discover how to budget for content
3. Learn how to identify and plan for the different costs, including purchasing, production and management

With more than 20 years of broadcast television experience as a producer, director and executive, Vern Freedlander oversees all of X2O Media’s content initiatives. His extensive background in content creation, backed by a multitude of high-profile projects, have made Freedlander a sought out speaker at various industry events including NAB, Digital Signage Content Strategies Summit and Screen Media Expo Europe.

As a Digital Signage Certified Expert (and digital signage evangelist), Spencer Graham has been integral to the creation of a very large, high-tech digital signage network at West Virginia University that spans four campuses with more than 100 digital signs, four video walls, wayfinding deployments and a 24/7/365 emergency alert feature in addition to standard WVU messaging and marketing on the WVU Information Stations network.

The Black Banana Theory of Content Creation — How to Create perishable content and maintain return on investment (David Fried)

The promise of digital signage content is its greatest attraction and also its Achilles heel.
Every network includes a version of the promise that reads something like this:

  • Digital signage delivers relevant content at the moment of decision-making;
  • It builds brand awareness and affinity, plus calls to action;
  • There will be content for specific channels, day parts and purposes;
  • Advertisers, network operators, content partners, investors and audiences will derive tangible value from the network.

These qualities are the holy grail of digital signage. The problem is that many networks can’t fulfill the promise because they struggle to meet the practicality of on-target content over time and within budget. So how do we overcome this challenge and maintain Return on Investment (ROI)? What have we learned and how have we helped some very large clients?

In this session, you will …
1. Gain insight into the importance of relevant content to both the viewer and advertising partners
2. Discover how this content can be produced within budgets that deliver ROI
3. Learn what technical opportunities have been developed to help fulfill this promise

David Fried has four years of DOOH experience as director of digital solutions at a recognized industry-leading content creation company. He has delivered many presentations to clients, content creators and groups on the subject of creating relevant cost-effective content for digital signage networks. He is the lead developer of an innovative application to facilitate content development.


About swgraham2

Mountain Mists is an opportunity to develop some thought processes individually as I journey through this wonderful world; as someone who values highly effective management techniques and the art of leading teams; and through my association with West Virginia University as a professional technologist and network manager specializing in digital signage.
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