CETW12: NFC will sweep away QR codes

Forget about Bluetooth – Near Field Communication (NFC) is where it’s heading.
(photo curtesy of ubergizmo.com)

Interesting article from DigitalSignageToday.com about the potential shift from QR Code to NFC (near field communication) technology.  [November 8, 2012]


“There is a huge opportunity to use NFC to engage customers,” said Daminani, who used the example of an NFC-enabled poster. The customer merely has to tap his phone on it to get the value, which is usually something like a coupon or a piece of information. This is a much easier way for them to engage than to go through the multistep process of scanning a QR code.

“It’s the most intuitive technology we’ve seen in years,” he said.”  


UPDATE… June 12, 2013…  Opposite view of NFC  http://techcrunch.com/2013/06/12/nfc/?goback=%2Egde_98918_member_249575147


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