Give It Some Thought! (Interesting Digital Signage Articles)

QR Code articles… suppliers-and-retailers   (QR Code generator with tracking metrics)  This is an excellent research piece on distance from digital signage and the physical size of the QR Code on the signage.  George Cicci is a co-worker and our lead Graphics Artist and recent completed his Master’s Degree in Integrated Marketing Concepts.   The incident took place in Russia last month and hoodwinked consumers who thought they were downloading an Android app called Jimm. The code actually contained malware that sent SMS codes to a premium rate number that charged for each message.  “Why The QR Code Is Failing”

Malicious QR Codes are a possibility…

ROI / ROO Articles…

Social Media and Digital Signage Articles…

Here is a great link to cicciideas blog about “Place Based Social Media and Digital Signage in Higher Education” written by our team member and Professional Technologist George Cicci surrounding a project to engage 5,500 new students to our campus, in one event, using Wiffiti from LocaModa.  It was a HUGE success and has become an annual fixture at our New Student Welcome event each fall semester!

Foursquare RADAR…  cool potential…

Using Video on Digital Signage…  

Early on in the process of creating our digital signage network there were only a handful of content and network management software platforms available.  We initially chose the Harris InfoCaster platform for content creation and network management.  Given we needed to leverage a lot of our institutional videos within our pages of information displayed we soon came upon a “video bug-a-boo” that vexed us greatly.  George Cicci and Jennifer Gillum, our team Professional Technologists for Graphic Design and It/Database, spent countless hours trying to discover a solution.  Here is an installment from George’s blog… cicciideas…  “Harris InfoCaster Video Settings   The Missing Manual” with a few solutions that allowed us a little breathing room to accomplish some of our goals in the area of video inclusion.  (In October 2010 we purchased X2O Media’s Xpresenter platform for content creation and network management.)    

Samsung’s Smart Window!  Way cool…

Deploying Digital Signage Articles…


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