Creating a Digital Signage Network (9. The Project Budget)

                                          Budgetary Constraints and Concerns                                                                


Eventually, you will need to begin backing into the numbers associated with purchasing the required resources to create a digital signage network for your university.  Below are some normal areas that  will need to be addressed with associated monetary figures.  You should take into account whether the university administration will absorb the total costs of doing business, the individual university client/department will absorb their share of the costs, or if it is a shared investment in technology.  Depending upon the facilities and site locations, you will need to address any Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance issues and accommodations, if any exist.  Below is a link to some ADA requirements that you should consider.  I have added some of the drawings from that document to emphasize the importance of placement of your digital signage… you need to find the parts of the ADA requirements that will pertain to your location.  In that document you will find descriptions in more detail.  )

Our digital signage network maintains four (4) budgets in an effort to best account for and maintain our various types of projects.  We have a personnel budget for the salaries associated with the overall digital signage network personnel costs outlays.  We include an operations budget that funds and tracks our normal annual operations expenses which are funded from our central administration to keep the digital signage network in normal operation.  We have a central fund budget established to fund and track digital signage projects assigned to us from our administration that are of a larger scale in deployment than what would normally fall within our operating budget.  Finally, we have a budget specifically for clients that self-fund their own digital signage initiatives under our team guidance and administration.  These clients transfer their total project monies to this fund before orders are placed or work is commenced.  Full accounting is performed on a monthly basis and reported to the appropriate administrators.

Below are some line items within our budgets that we track:

Personnel Budget


Fringe Benefits



Pensions / Retirement

Current Balance

Operations Budget




Computer Services & Supplies


Books & Periodicals

Office Equipment

Office Expense

Postage & Freight


Cellular Telephones

Vehicle Rental / Transportation Costs

Fuel Costs

Travel Costs

Convention / Hospitality Costs

Banking / Credit Costs


Current Balance

Centrally Funded Project Budget

Central Allocation

Actual Expenditures


Current Balance

Client Funded Project Budget

Funds Transferred In From Client

(Money should be transferred before ordering!)



Current Balance


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