Creating a Digital Signage Network (6. Admin Buy-In Process)

                                   Administration Conceptual Buy-In Process                                                      


It should go without saying that a digital signage network will need to receive the full support of any top management within your organization.  We were blessed with enthusiastic support from the very top of our own!  We made sure our administrators understood how the institution could leverage not only the dazzling content we could create but also the practicality of the ease of inclusion of our emergency messaging features.  The emergency messaging feature ALONE was worth the investment from a risk management standpoint!  The old adage that “Rome wasn’t built in a day” applies to the research, development and implementation of a full blown digital signage network within your organization but taking small and reasonable steps of progression will soon find you expanding your influence in various sites at your institution.  In preparation for presenting the concept of a digital signage network to your administrators, consider the following questions as you get into the mindset of explaining WHY digital signage is an answer to getting appropriate messaging to the specific audiences you need to reach… WHEN they need to be reached.  Here are some questions we addressed early on in our process of creating our digital signage network.

Why does the administration want a digital signage deployment?

Do they understand the many benefits of a digital signage network?

What is the demographic make-up of the particular location?

How concerned are we about Institutional branding?

Do we see a Public Relations opportunity and benefit?

Is our Institutional Advancement message clear?

Do we see an Emergency Messaging / Risk Management opportunity?

Why should they be willing to fund significant portions of projects?

How do we feel about One-Time Funding vs. Annual Funding?

What are the ongoing costs of doing business?

How will we leverage the economies of scale with our other forms of media?

Print media  (newspaper, magazines, brochures, promotional, etc.)

Video media  (television, DVD, YouTube, etc.)

Web media  (corporate web, internet, YouTube, Twitter, social media, etc.)

What stakeholders do they want to impress with the messaging?

How will they judge success of the digital signage network over time?

How long will it take to reasonably assess the success of the initiative?

How can we best support and encourage the digital signage team?

How often will we meet with the digital signage team for progress reporting?

Will we develop an entrepreneurial model?  (Sell advertising?)


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Mountain Mists is an opportunity to develop some thought processes individually as I journey through this wonderful world; as someone who values highly effective management techniques and the art of leading teams; and through my association with West Virginia University as a professional technologist and network manager specializing in digital signage.
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