Creating a Digital Signage Network (10. Duties of The Team)

                                 Duties and Tasks of the Digital Signage Team                                           

Once a digital signage team or department has been established, the various tasks involved begin to grow and demand management.  It is best to establish specific procedures early on that will lessen the headaches and associated massive amounts of coffee required to reign in the beast!  It is best to identify reliable vendors with high quality products.  Caveat Emptor!  You get what you pay for!  Hold your vendors to a high level of performance and explain clearly what your expectations are from the beginning of the business relationship and that you will evaluate vendor performance periodically.  We have severed our association with several vendors who did not perform to the expectations, and have rewarded other vendors with tens of thousands of dollars in additional business who continue to meet our reasonable expectations.  As a team, our reputations are on the line with our administrators and we highly value that relationship.  We accurately research our costs and provide accurate figures to them when presenting any project phases.  We do not over-inflate our numbers nor do we build “fat” into our budgets.  We come in on budget or under budget.  We explain to our administrators a reasonable “time to market” (when the phase will be completed and launched) and we come in on time, every time.  This has been our manner of doing business from the beginning and the administrators know our word is good… and it has served us well.  In return, our administrators have placed their confidence in us to come up with innovative ideas of how to grab our audience’s attention and have supported and encouraged us at every juncture.

It is also important to have a clear understanding of how shipping of the purchased equipment works with each vendor.  Digital signage equipment often arrives in large boxes after a long journey from all over the world.  Unless you have ample storage space it is suggested you know WHEN the shipment will leave the vendor, WHEN all the boxes are going to land on your front door, how heavy they are, and WHERE you are going to store them until installation date.  We have found that if we are ordering numerous 46 inch monitors and the associated mounting hardware we have them delivered on dates that coincide with when the installation crews are ready for them.  Sometimes, depending upon the site location, we will have them drop shipped there instead of at our offices, which would require us to re-load them into the department van and unload them at the installation site.  We also don’t have a lot of extra space to stack large and heavy boxes of equipment nor the energy to put up with grumbling co-workers who are tripping over them daily in the course of normal business.  Keep good records.  Make a file for every deployment, project or phase to store the orders, email messages and shipping notices so that you can easily track and account for every item.  There is no sense ordering a number of 40 inch monitors without a like number of mounting brackets!  Coordinate each order with what you need at that time.  Stay in contact with your vendors and use any tracking numbers during the shipping process so that you KNOW where your toys are in transit!

Digital Signage Team should maintain control of the budgets and processes.

Digital Signage Team should receive the client’s funding before ordering equipment.

Digital Signage Team should maintain excellent records for all orders.

Digital Signage Team should understand the vendor shipment lag times.

Digital Signage Team should determine where to stage the shipped equipment.

Digital Signage Team should communicate well with the vendors.

Digital Signage Team should communicate well with the client.

Digital Signage Team should communicate well with their administrators.


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