Mountaineer Trivia… In trivial pursuit of all things WVU

You can spend thousands upon thousands of dollars for the latest digital signage technology, have it installed in the greatest locations and have 40,000 people per day intercept your signs… but if your content isn’t ENGAGING your audience every time they see it you have waste a lot of time, energy and money.

How do you ENGAGE your audience?  The content needs to be visually eye-catching.  It must generate interest in the message displayed.  That message needs to be timely and fresh… stale, outdated messages cost your digital signage network credibility with the pedestrian public you intercept.  Poor design quality or incorrectly spelled words will reduce all your well-intentioned efforts to “joke status” within your pedestrian community.  If you do not have a well trained graphic artist on your staff, get one hired or find a true graphic artist who can create your design.  The old adage of, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” has never been more precise than in this day and age of 24/7/365 media bombardment.  Long gone are the days of a hastily prepared “Power Point” template to engage you audience… today you need Power Point on steroids!  To do less risks becoming dis-engaging and irrelevant.

Things that ENGAGE your pedestrian audiences need to register in their mind within a short few seconds as they move from Point A to Point B in their transits.  Something HAS to grab their attention!   This might be stunning graphics, well cropped images or photographs, high resolution video content, social media and audience engagement opportunities… even well thought-out audio.  Every page or section of your content needs to have some of these characteristics.  (See my blog on LocaModa, Wiffiti, Jumbli and FourSquare.)

One fun page we have used at West Virginia University is called “Mountaineer Trivia… in trivial pursuit of all things WVU.” Obviously, our play on words harkens back to all the great fun playing the original Trivial Pursuit game editions… but we chose to design a small database of approximately 60 WVU trivia questions with each multiple-choice question having 4 possible answers.  Each question gives you about 10 seconds to read the question and select your answer as the countdown timer reduces to zero and the correct answer revealed.  The WVU questions are fun and interesting dating back to 1867!  Ever wonder how a certain building got it’s name, or how long ago was that particular dormitory was built,  what famous people graduated from the university?  Well now you can have fun saying… “I didn’t know THAT!”  Students really enjoy it and it builds long-term goodwill with them as they begin to take personal ownership of their university during their college days.  The more ownership they take now, the more it can translate into their future involvement once they graduate and become alumni.


About swgraham2

Mountain Mists is an opportunity to develop some thought processes individually as I journey through this wonderful world; as someone who values highly effective management techniques and the art of leading teams; and through my association with West Virginia University as a professional technologist and network manager specializing in digital signage.
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