Extended Hunting Trip Essential Checklist

This is a checklist I cobbled together from various websites (Kudos to Coleman and Cabelas) and books over the years that I use when going on a multi-day hunting trip with a group of friends.  We divvy up the list of items that we deem necessary to drag along with us.  (And usually “grouch” about some things we take that we didn’t use.) Not everything “makes the cut” but it is a good checklist to begin with and helps us NOT forget “stuff”… most of the time.  😉

West Virginia

Muzzleloading Deer Hunt Checklists

Four day Muzzleloader Deer Hunt in West Virginia

The Essentials
All necessary licensing (stamps, tags, permits for access to private land, etc.)
Fixed blade knife
Folding knife
Butane lighter
Flashlight, headlamp or lantern
Trash bags
Whistle and signal mirror
Fire starters (cotton rolls soaked in melted wax or any material containing paraffin)
Compass and topographical maps
GPS Unit
2-Way Radios
Rubber kitchen gloves or latex examination gloves for field-dressing or cleaning game

Layered Clothing

Multiple warming layers (Long Underwear)
Windbreaking outer shell
Thin pair of poly socks
Thick pair of poly socks
Hunting Boots
Non-Hunting Camp Shoes
Hunting Hat
Hunting Coat
Extra Shirts
Extra Pants
Extra Underwear
Reading Glasses
Sun Glasses

Emergency Items

Emergency kit in a waterproof container
Adhesive bandages
Aspirin or aspirin substitutes
Waterproof matches
String or parachute cord
Space blanket
Pocketknife or multitool
Energy bars, hard candy
Safety pins

Eating/Food Prep

Cook stove and fuel
Folding Chairs
Nesting cookware
Cooking and eating utensils
Plates, cups, bowls
Biodegradable dish soap
Can opener
Ice or ice substitutes
Paper towels
Trash bags
Full beverage jugs
5-gallon water carrier
Drinking water

Sleeping and Comfort

Air mattress with pump or camp pad
Sleeping bags

Camping Gear

Tent, poles and stakes
Lantern and fuel
Extra lantern mantles
Waterproof match container
Compass and maps
Extra batteries
Ground cover or tarp
Multipurpose knife or camper’s tool
Rope, cord or wire


First aid kit
Bath towels
Biodegradable soap
Insect repellent
Layered clothing
Rain gear
Toilet paper
Reading Glasses
Sun Glasses
Coffee & Coffee pot
Plastic zipper bags
Pot scrubbers and rags and paper towels
Salt and pepper
Plastic wrap
Tin foil

Sleeping and Comfort

Tool kit – hand axe, rubber ten-peg mallet, tent stake puller
Tent repair kit
Extra tent stakes
Sleeping Bag, Cot and Pillows
Whisk broom and dust pan

Camping Gear

Fire starter sticks
Firewood for campfires
Folding saw
Fuel funnel (if using a liquid fuel lantern or stove)
Lantern carry case
Lantern tripod
Long-nosed butane lighter


Camera, lenses, flash and film (35mm and/or Video)
Cards and games
Flare, mirror, brass whistle
Pad, pencil or pen
Radio with weather band
Tent fans

Great friends make life a pleasant journey


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Mountain Mists is an opportunity to develop some thought processes individually as I journey through this wonderful world; as someone who values highly effective management techniques and the art of leading teams; and through my association with West Virginia University as a professional technologist and network manager specializing in digital signage.
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