Digital Signage Deployment Examples


WVU Information Stations Master Control Room

Digital Signage Deployment Examples

Sometimes it is good for us to see how others are deploying their own digital signage.  We often get ideas for specific WVU campus venues by looking at venues we have visited or have seen in digital signage magazines or on websites.  Hopefully these examples posted will continue to be added to and will get your creative juices flowing about your own deployment options.  Remember… anyone can put up a digital sign and throw up some sort of content on it… but when we deploy a digital sign on our WVU campuses we look for ways to allow it to blend in to the specific venue surroundings so that it adds value to the site and is attractive visually.  Consider the venue, what you want the digital signage to look like after installation, whether there is a “theme” for the look and feel of the deployment area, if you will use audio along with your content, strive for an aesthetically pleasing project, etc. This will make the folks who are in charge of the facilities / venue happy and it has also spurred other sites on campus to come to our WVU Info Stations team asking for us to get some of our signage in-place at their site!

(Every digital sign on the WVU campuses has an Emergency Alert feature built into the content loop that can be triggered by the WVU Police Department in the event of an emergency.  Our current network of digital signage spans three WVU campuses with more than 70 digital signs.  If an Emergency Alert is issued by the WVU Police Department all signage switches automatically to Emergency Alert Mode in approximately 9 seconds.)

Swan Dolphin RFID Schedule

Swan Dolphin (landscape convention)

Swan Dolphin (four-panel display)

Northern Quest Lobby Mural

Orange Shop (interactive screen)

Northern Quest Heritage Hall

Northern Quest Grand Hall

Northern Quest Conference Room



Larger area venue

Las Vegas 2011

Naked Eye 3D (Las Vegas DSE 2011)

X2O Corporate Offices (Jen & George)

Montreal Canadians Hockey Area

WVU does something like this at the WVU Student Rec Center

WVU is looking at this type of signage for Student Dining Halls



Cisco New Meadowlands

(See West Virginia University Customer profile via X2O Media below.)


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