Canoe Portage Trip – Weekly Menu

An extended canoe portage trip / backpacking trip does NOT mean you have to eat less than delicious meals!  We have done many of these trips over the years and people we take with us rave about how well we eat at every meal.  All it takes is a little planning and a trip to the grocery store.  The menu below is a typical menu from our canoe portage trips to Canada and the Adirondacks for a week at a time. (Always pack one extra meal in case something unforeseen delays your exit home… been there, done that…)

(See my other posts and checklists for these types of outdoor adventures for helpful tips!  We have our trips “down to a science” when it comes to planning and preparation… but you can also plan for the unexpected challenge to occur.  We have had our share of “making the best of  less than ideal situations” but have always survived with a little ingenuity.)

Our waterfront campsite in The Adirondacks

Canoe Portage Trip – Weekly Menu


Breakfast in car, Lunch in car, Dinner Drive-Thru Fast food  (Car snacks, Gorp, fruit, soft drinks, water, reading materials, CD’s, DVD’s, Portable DVD player, personal pillow.)



Breakfast-Oatmeal/Banana Bread or Bagels

Lunch-Soup, PB&J Sandwiches,

Snack-Candy bar, dried fruit, nuts

Dinner-Mac-n-Cheese, canned chicken, broccoli

Dessert- Dump Cake (Peach/Cherry)  (Dutch Oven)



Breakfast-Waffles, syrup

Lunch-Mini Pizzas (sauce, pepperoni, cheese)  (Dutch Oven)

Snack-Granola Bar, Apple, Candy bar, dried fruit, nuts

Dinner-Beef-n-Gravy Dinner (mushrooms, gravy mix, noodles, canned beef), Beer Bread





Lunch-Soup, PB&J Sandwiches

Snack-Banana Bread, Dried Fruit, Nuts, candy bar

Dinner-Fish (Dutch Oven), corn, Stove-Top Stuffing, Beer Bread

Dessert-Milano Cookies



Breakfast-Pancakes, syrup

Lunch-Summer Sausage Beef Stick, cheese and crackers, dried fruit, nuts

Snack-Granola Bar, Apple, candy bar, dried fruit, nuts

Dinner-Spaghetti/Sauce (Marinara Sauce)

Dessert-Dump Cake (Peach/Blueberry) (Dutch Oven)



Breakfast-Oatmeal/bagels or Pop-Tarts

Lunch-Soup, PB&J Sandwiches, Oreos

Snack-packaged fruit, candy bar, dried fruit, nuts

Dinner-Fish (Dutch Oven), green beans, wild rice




Breakfast-Waffles or Pancakes

Lunch-Tuna fish, crackers, applesauce

Snack-Granola Bar, Packaged Fruit, candy bar, dried fruit, nuts

Dinner-Beefaroni Mac, corn

Dessert-S’mores / leftovers



Break Camp-leave for home

Breakfast-Oatmeal / leftovers, Lunch and Dinner we stop and eat-out on the road

Extra Meal-canned ham, scalloped potatoes (as a back-up meal)

Makin' pizza for lunch in the Dutch Oven





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